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Platelet PGD Test Procedure - Step 1 Centrifugation: Add 500 uL platelet sample to microfuge tube and 8 drops of Reagent 1. Cap and gently invert 1-2 times until solution turns GREEN. Spin for 5 minutes at 10,000 RCF and decant supematant. Step 2 Resuspension: Add 8 drops of Reagent 2 (solution should be BLUE). Tap pellet with disposable pipette and aspirate 2 to 4 times. Leave any remaining pellet in tube. Add 4 drops of Reagent 3. Solution turns YELLOW. Vortex until any remaining pellet completely dissolves. Step 3 Reading: Fill well and incubate at room tempurature until procedural controls change colors (~20 min). Interpret results, no red is negative, red line is postive, and red circle is invalid
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