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Demand the 7-day platelet solution to FDA Guidance on Bacterial Risk in Platelets.

Tired of hearing comments like these?

  • “We’re discontinuing your currently contracted platelet type.”
  • “This is the platelet type we’ll ship going forward.”
  • “It’s going to cost you $83 to $150 more per dose.”

PGDprime® lets you take control of your platelet inventory — and your platelet budget.

Test any platelet you currently use — SDPs in plasma or PAS, pre storage or post storage WBDs, single WBDs or pools — with PGDprime. This one simple test lets you continue to use those platelets with no painful or costly switchover to a new platelet type, all while satisfying FDA guidance.

Because PGDprime enables 7-day dating, you can fully self-fund testing and save on your overall platelet budget. And it’s the method proven to actually increase your platelet supply rather than threaten it due to reduced split rates caused by other approaches.

You can take control of your platelet inventory. Tell your blood center you want apheresis platelets in plasma that can be rapid tested and extended to 7 days. You’ll benefit from greater flexibility and enhanced platelet availability with the most budget friendly guidance option — PGDprime.

Here’s the proof:

Read the ACLS abstract Read the Transfusion article

  1. Guidance option: Rapid test within 24 hours of transfusion for 7-day dating


    • Hospital runs a test on day of transfusion
    • Blood center samples 24 hours after collection
    • Sample taken from mother bag no matter the collection size — single, double, or triple
    • No effect on split rates
    • 7-day platelets are proven safe and effective
  2. Guidance option: Pathogen reduced platelets with 5-day dating


    • Ready to transfuse platelet provided to the hospital
    • Blood center treats platelets
    • FDA cleared for singles and doubles
    • Results in reduced split rates, loss of triples
    • Increased transfusions reported in hem onc patients*
  3. Guidance option: 36-hour LVDS for 5-day dating or 48-hour LVDS for 7-day dating


    • Ready to transfuse platelet provided to the hospital
    • If sample 48 hours after collection from each unit – lose 1 day of 7 day dating Increased outdates due to reduced dating
    • 2 culture bottles for every bag: 4 for a double, 6 for a triple split
    • Large culture sample reduces split rates
  4. 7-day dating with PGDprime provides the greatest inventory life at the hospital and the lowest outdate rates



Control your Platelet Budget!

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