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7 Day Platelet Dating

7 Day Platelet Dating with Safety Measure Testing…

Improves Safety

  • Reduces the risk of bacterial contamination

Improves platelet availability

  • Helps ensure a consistent supply
  • Simplifies inventory management during weekends and holidays
  • Provides inventory flexibility for managing rare HLA matched units

Provides Cost savings

  • Reduces outdates and discards
  • Can fully fund Safety Measure testing and provide additional savings

FDA Clearance

FDA clearances now make 7 Day platelet dating possible:

Recent FDA clearances of 7 Day platelet storage containers from Fenwal and Terumo allow extension of dating of Apheresis platelets in plasma to 7 days when tested with a “Safety Measure”

The Platelet PGD Test is the only rapid test FDA cleared as a “Safety Measure” for platelet testing

7 Day Platelets Are Safe

7 Day Platelets are Safe, Effective and Comparable to 5 Day platelets
A recently published major study in the UK comparing the clinical effectiveness of 7 day 5 day platelets in a Hematology patient population reported that:

  • “Analysis using logistic regression…showed no significant difference in the proportion of patients with successful transfusions after administration of 2- to 5- versus 6- or 7-day PLTs”
  • “In hematology patients, there was no evidence that 6- or 7-day PLTs were inferior to 2- to 5-day PLTs, as measured by proportion of patients with successful transfusions, bleeding events, or interval to next transfusion.”


Substantial Savings

Simple Implemenation

Write an SOP for testing and determine how you will label the bags

Test the platelets in storage containers cleared for 7 Days within 24 hours of transfusion on Day 6 or 7 with a Safety Measure like the Platelet PGD test

Update your FDA Registration by simply notifying the FDA

Click here for a simple how to guide.

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Learn how you can extend your platelet supply to 7 days.

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